Oftentimes the right thing to do is not the most convenient thing to do but it remains the right thing to do

Flo Chikowore

COVID-19 has brought a myriad of impacts on people, requiring a clear understanding of the human factor impact.

We are passionate about supporting Business Leaders in their journey as Change Leaders. We have deep experience in working with Business Leaders to enable project success. We love to problem solve and have a passion for doing projects in the right way.

What does Change Leadership mean? It means bringing your people with you. Ironically the people side of projects is usually viewed as inconvenient, expensive, time consuming and many Change Leaders avoid dealing with people issues. This is where we come in to work with you and reposition your involvement as a Business Leader to being an effective People Leader. No change can be effectively achieved without bringing people with you.
The old adage that it is lonely at the top could not be more true of the Project Leadership environment. Oftentimes the business Leader is looked upon for all the answers when they become the Change Leader. Many times they must move from the Command and Control approach that made them successful to a participative, collaborative approach required to win stakeholders over and guide the project to success.