Change Leadership Coaching

Our services are focused on guiding the Leader throughout the change process. Providing an independent and impartial sounding board to executives.


  • Clear understanding of the difference between Business As Usual Leadership and Change Leadership
  • Develop skills of leading remote projects
  • Comprehensive Stakeholder Mapping
  • Develop your Lobbying skills
  • Develop strategies to empower Line Leaders
  • Leading with Empathy

Coaching Programme Structure

  • Matchmaking – Initial conversation to understand needs and assess compatibility
  • Session Structure – 1 hour sessions via desired platform (virtual at this stage). The aim is to navigate through the processes until completion. Focus is on leading positively (Appreciative Inquiry)
  • Timeline – The timing is dependent on progress. The aim is to work through a module in each session

Coaching sessions will follow 7 key principles to ensure a psychologically safe environment for the Coachee to grow.


  • No recording of sessions
  • All discussions remain within the session unless the Coachee chooses to share


3.Relationship building

4.No judgments


6.Clear goals and actions

7.Celebrate successes

The cost is R1500 per session, payment arrangements are accepted!

Option 1 – Per session cost R1500  = R9 000 for 6 sessions

Option 2 – 6 Week programme at 15% discount = R7 650