Change Leadership Coaching

Our services are focused on guiding the Sponsor throughout the project lifecycle. Providing an independent and impartial sounding board to executives who are filling the Sponsor and Co-Sponsor roles.


  • Clear understanding of the difference between Business Leadership and Change Leadership
  • Develop your skills of leading remote projects
  • Comprehensive Stakeholder Mapping
  • Develop your Lobbying skills
  • Develop strategies to empower Line Leaders
  • Leading with Empathy

Team Coaching

Navigating the world of Teaming is tricky in the physical realm, never mind the virtual world! There are key principles that if applied consistently results in high performing teams, be they physical or virtual. We work with you to create this.


  • Relationship Building
  • Creating Psychological Safety within Team members
  • Developing Empathy within the Team
  • Focused efforts on outcomes
  • Team celebrations

Change Adoption Programmes

A critical part of delivering any change programme is user adoption. How the change is perceived impacts how the change is received. Lasting change is impacted by understanding the change impact from the perspectives of People, Process, Organisation and Technology. All of these elements are related to how each pillar impacts the people journey. We work with you on this journey to enable users to not only adopt the change but to champion it with others.

In addition we offer Change Management Point Solutions:
Pay for only the time spent on the services you need, delivered digitally. This includes:

  • Change Management Strategy and Plans
  • Stakeholder Identification and Mapping
  • Communication Plans
  • User Adoption Plans
  • Change Risk Mitigation Plans

Change Management Consulting

Effective change management begins in the conceptualisation and planning process, before budgets are approved. This is vital in effectively assessing and sizing the programme. In this way the right budget is allocated upfront, enabling rollout of all change management interventions. We work with you to plan upfront and where necessary provide required services.


  • Successfully delivered change
  • A people centred change journey, leaving a healthy climate post the project.
  • Effective tracking of benefits realisation