I am running a series Business Unusual and Florence was a guest , her presentation was well researched , filled with up to date data … what was amazing was the use of her own experiences as a case study which was really appreciated by attendees. The people who attends these sessions are Entrepreneurs , C-Suite and Top SOE and Government Leaders. She is exceptionally competent , knows her content , connected with the audience in an amazing way and was rated as one of the top performers by attendees . When your company needs a practical , easy to implement and practical change management strategy and implementation … look no further than Florence … she was so impressive we are inviting her for an encore. Thats how amazing she is …
Billy Selekane CSP , SASHoF, EXPY, Global Business Speaker | Organizational Culture Expert | We assist organizations build high performance cultures
I had the pleasure of working closely with Florence since the beginning of lockdown, she was championing The Covid-19 readiness programme in Tech, of which my team is one of these Tech teams. She was in the forefront of all activities, from arranging transport, masks, sanitizers, managing numbers in the office, making sure technical staff can work from home etc. There was no task to complicated or out of scope. Far & above this, Florence gave me a lot of support as a manager to keep my team motivated under these new working conditions, she provided insightful information from various sources on how other teams/companies are keeping sane during this period. She gave constant updates on both the pandemic & also general updates on news affecting us as employees. The support you gave was amazing & we couldn`t have done it without you, thank you so much for everything, you`re expertise really came in handy & they were much appreciated. Keep up the good work & thank you for everything. You really are a Super Change Coach
Sibusiso Shabangu Head End User Experience, Absa Group
Florence “Flo” is by far one of the most influential colleagues of my career. Wherever Flo goes she acts as a selfless leader capable of always making people think that they should be a better version of themselves. From the most senior in the organization to the security guard at the entrance, she treats all people fairly and gives everyone a fair opportunity. Since working with Flo, I actually cannot recall a time where Flo has not been astute or observant enough to know when to stop me and give encouragement, mentorship or advice. Whether it was with a smile, or with the set of skills that changed my career, Flo always has and I’m willing to bet always will want me to be better. Flo always respected the contribution I could give to any conversation, to any meeting, to any strategy and to the organization far ahead of her own desires, I always hope that I showed the same respect and enlightenment in return. Flo is driven, passionate and has an excellent attention to detail. Her focus on people, respect and inclusion are special traits that will ensure that she always leaves things better than she found them.
Daryl Kingwill Workspace and Workforce planning specialist
Florence is a highly committed and driven professional who takes great pride in her Work. She demonstrated strong collaborative skills including openness, ongoing communication, shared decision making, and responsibility to follow through. She draws her inspiration from her passion for people, her interest in the study of functions and influences affecting behavior. Her dynamic experiences enriches her knowledge in the need for capacity of an organisation to maintain alignment between social systems components and enablers for a healthy bottom line. She comes with kindness, relates well to all her colleagues and holds high standards for her organisation. What I found remarkable about her style is that she is able to communicate these high standards with a sense of confidence to her colleagues and without speaking down on anyone. She always maintained a high level of respect and regard for her colleagues. Florence is committed to her role and the value she brings to projects and change initiatives and thinks in terms of the people impacted by them. Her people connections allow her to weave a thread of influence from senior leadership to front line employees in an open, honest and authentic way. She thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to try new things and may even be willing to have a little fun in the process. I am certain that she is a strong asset in any organisation that she becomes part of. 
Khanyisile Phetoane ex-Absa Group Technology