The Puzzle Master

One of my favourite team building activities is the jigsaw puzzle game. Team A holds the picture of the puzzle. Team B has the pieces of the puzzle (usually about 50 pieces so it’s not overwhelming) and need to put it together within a timed session. Team B is allowed to send one representative to look at the picture and return to explain what they saw, without saying what the picture is. Team A are allowed to provide guidance without saying what the picture is. The results are always hilarious with various leadership styles emerging. There is always one person who decides explaining it is too hard and it is easier for them to just do the puzzle themselves. Leaving a number of disengaged observers.

Being a Change Leader/Sponsor is much like being the holder of the Jigsaw picture and the rest of the project have a few pieces each. Your job is to ensure the teams understand what they are building and why. Sometimes they need closer guidance so they don’t become despondent if the jigsaw is very large and complex. It will require active participation of the Change Leader.

Are you frequently sharing the big picture on your projects?
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