Managing Director

BSc (HONS) Psychology, HCMP, HCMBOK®, PPRE


Flo is a Change Management Specialist and Change Leadership Coach and Speaker.

I have spent over twenty years in a lead role as a change management and business improvement specialist in international consulting firms and led the organisation change streams on multidisciplinary assignments. My role involves extensive facilitation with my key clients being the CEO and senior management. Delivering value is greatly dependent on one’s ability to understand and interpret an organisation’s strategic objectives. I am a globally Certified HCMBOK 3G Practitioner and a Certified HCMP 3G Expert Professional and a member of the Human Change Management Institute.

Personality Profiling: I have gained training and experience in the use of the following personality instruments for training, team building and as an aid in recruitment: Thomas International PPA, DISCUS Personality Profiler, DISCUS Team Profiler, and Belbin
Agile: I have been trained in and exposed to Agile frameworks and understand the Change Management requirements that underlay moving to this method of projects deployment.

I have worked in many industries including: Municipalities, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Insurance, Justice Department, Tax Authority, FMCG, Mining, Tobacco, and Banking.